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Nickname: Cdschoolgirl
Country:United Kingdom
Province:The City of Brighton and Hove
Hair color:Red
Eye color:Brown
Shaven:if necessary


I am a very young at heart 55 Year old partially bisexual, cd, cross dressing, disabled man who is also basically housebound who is looking for real fun & maybe more, I am very sexually open minded, & am more of a feminine, girly, sensual, sensitive man than a masculine one, I especially am very attracted to girls/women etc who have beautiful eyes, a sexy smile and hot sexy smooth legs:) I have a very big weakness to beautiful red heads, unfortunately I have never been with one, but being a real red head myself, I know how wild and passionate us red heads can be:) hehe:) as well as being a real true red head, I also am a Leo, so I am a double fire sign, so be warned:) lol, I can honestly say I have never had the experience of being with a re shemale before but I can only think that this would be a lot of fun:) I am long term single of 12+ years, and now its time to finally look to further explore my feminine & girly side and further explore that side of my personality, and explore what real fun is finally. I learnt a long time ago that I am more of a feminine, girly, sensual, sensitive man rather than a totally masculine one, and that I will only ever treat anyone I'm with, exactly the same as I would want to be treated, when I rarely have sex etc, 100% unlimited natural, spontaneous foreplay and sex etc is the best:) I already know everything about being a man, but I'm not like most men as I cant stand the way they treat girls and women and use them, thats not me at all, unfortunately for me, I'm not very sexually experienced worse luck, but am very willing to learn and be taught new skills, am not nor have ever been into 1 night stands at all, I will also only ever treat someone im with exactly the same as I would want to be treated myself as a real girl, djterrywinsatgmaledotcom if you want to message me, and like my profile & want to contact me etc 😘 I have many hobbies including gaming, singing/Karaoke, music in general of all types, djing but only at home these days, plus others, but ask if you want to know more xxxx So if I add you, you can be sure that I would like to get to know you better. I have 20+ years of basically next to no sex and fun to make up for, while I'm still basically still living my childhood and teenage lives I didn't have. So hopefully with some like minded people hopefully this can happen:) I certainly live in hope:) hehe, also you MUST be able to come to mine in Brighton, IF you have taken the time to read my profile and you like me and I have added you, then please make my day better and contact me, and let's start getting to know each other, so if your added to my list, you already now know that I like you and would like to get to know you better:) even better if you too are in to singing/karaoke, music most kinds especially from the 50s, 60s, 70, and 80s, watching tv and films and sports etc and video gaming etc as well, please bare in my mind that despite my disabilities, I will never be like someone of my real age, because of both my hobbies and my interests as well as my son, all these things help to keep me young:)

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